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What would it mean to You, Your Business and
Your Family, if every time you wished for
something it simply appeared in front of You?

Angela Giles

Angelique is FABULOUS at manifesting pretty much anything in her life. What she offers her clients in terms of practical advice and unique manifesting strategies WORKS. 
If you are looking for a coach that can take your life to the next level, I highly recommend Angelique.

Angela Giles – Las Vegas

Helen Andreadis

Angelique is truly amazing and if you have been lucky enough to cross her path, do not miss the opportunity to work with Angelique. She truly understands the law of attraction and how to implement it in all aspects of your life. I highly recommend her coaching program as I know it will benefit you beyond your wildest expectations as it did for me.
Not only will Angelique help you achieve what may seems impossible for you now but she will do it with ease, patience and make it fun. To top it off I have made a great new friend which is priceless.

Helen Andreadis - Gold Coast

Max Pfister

I have had the great pleasure to work with Angelique and she is awesome!
Not only is Angelique working towards lifting the planet so that we can lead a happy, content and safe life on earth but she also inspired me immensely. I feel more confident than ever and empowered to know that women like Angelique are out there helping us, the younger generation, in our quest for a better world.
I could not say enough on how highly I regard Angelique and recommend her coaching to anyone looking for solutions to create more ease and flow in their life. Working with Angelique was like a dance and I cannot wait to work on our next project.

Max Pfister - Geneve

Ramona Morel

Due to a chance encounter on a vacation in Australia I met Angelique and started coaching sessions with her. With the modern technologies like Skype I was able to go on and overcome oceans and time difference.
My coaching experience with Angelique has not only helped me to achieve my personal goals, but more importantly, it has changed me for life. Her down to earth approach is what gelled with me. My sessions with Angelique were always very productive and I have today all the tools I need to manage a happy professional and personal life. Angelique has a gift for pointing at the right things, addressing the right issues, asking the right questions, pushing the right buttons that will make you closer to what you are.
I discovered so many things about myself during this process that I cannot be thankful enough. Thank you so much Angelique for your hard work, dedication and professionalism!

Ramona Morel - Zurich

Peta Lennon

Angelique helped me in more ways than I could have imagined. Without her guidance and encouragement, my business would not be where it is today. She helped me to build my brand successfully and myself along the way.  She is truly amazing at what she does and I highly recommend her to anyone else looking for support, guidance and advice.
Peta Lennon - Gold Coast

Evelyne Jakobs

If you are looking for a mentor who truly understands that life sometimes dishes out things that are completely earth shattering because she has gone through it herself many times Angelique is the coach you’ve been searching for. 

She knows not only how to overcome mindset blocks that have been holding you back but also how to own and transform your deepest pain and fear into strength. 
So if you are tired of trying so hard to make things happen as I use to, I highly recommend Angelique as your teacher to help you learn the art of effortless living to achieve a more fulfilling life while still 
taking action.

Evelyne Jakob – Geneve

Chanelle King

Angélique is AMAZING! It is so refreshing to meet someone who is willing to share all their knowledge, in order to help guide me on my journey. 
Angélique has helped me to understand things that I have been trying to comprehend for many years. With her direction I have been able to clearly define my personal and professional life goals. Angelique’s warmth, sincerity, humour and insight as well as her continuous support made the entire process extremely worthwhile and rewarding. 
In my opinion Angélique does a very good job of Life Coaching in a way that is spiritually uplifting. She takes into account visioning and goals for finance, health, relationships and creative expression. 
I recommend Angélique to anyone who wants to step up their game in life.

Chanelle King - Brisbane
I’m sure that just like me, as a child you fantasized being a fairy with a magical wand or a super hero... That’s because we were so much more in touch then, so close to God, so connected... That’s because when we are born there is no separation between who we are for ourselves and who we are in front of others. We are naturally spontaneous and don’t hold anything back. We don’t judge or evaluate ourselves. We are crystal clear and transparent.
Unfortunately as we grow up we repress the feelings that we think that our disapprove of and we become fearful of everything. We lose our innocence. The strong conditioning we receive covers all that up with masks of how we must appear to others.
Did you know that you set up your rules for life by the age of 9?
The fact is that we all have access to a magic wand and can be super heroes for our family as you probably know deep down you can. And I will explain how shortly.
But first let me introduce myself....
Hello Beautiful Angel!

My name is Angelique Pellegrino. I was born and raised in Switzerland but have been living in Australia for over 30 years.

 I speak 5 languages and 
have been helping people improve their lives for well over a quarter of a century.

My mother named me after a heroin who lived in the 17th century called Angelique Marquise des Anges. My life seem to have had parallel circumstances like hers and actually created a beautiful twist which I might tell you another time. 

Did you know that even your name sets a tone up for your life? 

People often ask me why I ever left such a beautiful place like Switzerland and the answer is that it simply felt so oppressive for me. Can you relate to that, have you left Europe or your home town?

Everybody was always advising me or more like telling me what to do, with good intentions, but it did not gel with me. In fact it was driving me crazy as no one was right. It became so oppressive that I had to leave my country and traveled the world to look for answers which I did for 3 years before settling in Australia. That’s when I realised three things:

1. That everything wasn’t black and white like my educators had taught me, there was a lot of shades of grey… and not those ones girls….
2. Everyone perceives the same situation differently and in fact it’s all in the eye of the beholder.
3. Going to university only increases the quality of the 15% of the brain that we use as humans.

Surely you’ve realised that neither school nor your parents really prepared you for some of the earth shuttering problems you had to overcome such as losing someone close either through death or break-up, or hearing from a doctor the words “diagnose” and the “C…” word or perhaps it was losing your job and wondering how you would survive especially in your retirement…

For over 30 years I studied everything from Spirituality to Psychology via all the different religions including neuro-science and metaphysics to learn about the 85% we did not use, in the effort to build a bridge across and learn to dance with the challenges of life. And I know that you can relate to that as you have been looking for answers to improve your life as well. Am I right?

Did you know that your sub-conscious mind makes about 10 million observations in any given setting and that your conscious mind will only keep track of 40 to 150 depending?

Sometimes it takes a while to find out what is holding you back? Perhaps you haven’t had any major drama in your life but simply feel exhausted and out of control? What is sabotaging you?

One of my client was an airline hostess, extremely stressed. During her work she was always bumping into customers, spilling drinks, forgetting their order in 2 seconds stressing to cover every passengers needs in time… This caused her to be irritated and upset by the smallest event. The more mistakes she made, the angrier she got. And this happened day in day out. This also reflected in her voice and one day was pulled aside by her superior. Furthermore she was not able to unwind when she got home and had trouble getting a decent night’s sleep and felt like a wreck. She was intelligent and capable. It took a while and many sessions to eradicate the under lying problem that was hiding deep down in her subconscious which was feared based – a need to constantly perform more in order to be loved and appreciated - but today she has found balance in all aspects of her life by giving herself permission to truly take care of herself.

Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to overcome massive numerous challenges like my sisters in law stealing my husband from hospital while he was palliative to take him to the other end of the country where he died away from us after 20 years of marriage and to increase the level of pain… took him to the bank in a wheelchair to clean my bank account!!! Can you imagine what that did to my children?

And that story is just the tip of the iceberg. But I’m sure that you can relate to this because you may have experienced blinding pain in your life as well; the kind that really cuts you deep. 

But hey! I am so happy all these things happened to me because it was an opportunity to dig deep into my own resources and I have learned the art of manifesting instantly like no one else.

And yes, I wondered more than once if I had been cursed or if it was a karmic debt and if I had killed a china man as you most likely have as well… until I realised that it was simply unconscious self-sabotage. It was in my vibration following me from Switzerland…

Many of my counselling/coaching clients have had those thoughts as well when they felt that blinding pain from different painful experiences. They wondered what they had done to deserve this when drama after drama was happening around them.

Today, I am now considered an expert in my field, coaching and teaching people how to dance with the challenges life brings and how to manifest wishes easily. Here is a manifesting example you will like:
I was working on my computer, alone in a Display Home in a 44 hectares property, when a window on the screen popped up and said “buy me! Buy me! Dress!” It was one of those crochet cream dress you wear over a bikini and I always wanted one. It was only $20 so I decided to buy it. I tried 3 times but the payment wouldn’t go through so I decided to let it go and get back to focusing on work.

A few hours later, I drove home – 30 minutes. I walked into my house, then into my bedroom…. Guess what was on my bed? THE DRESS!!!

Now that’s manifesting at its best!

The physical way the dress had arrived is not important but I will tell you to ease your mind.
My daughter who had tons of clothes decided that day, out of ALL the dresses she owns that she had never worn that dress and maybe I would like it and decided to put it on my bed to surprise me.

This is just one example of my magic - Alignment at its best!

This is exactly what I teach other leaders. I provide a transformation second to none.

My primary message is “Open your mind and allow your wishes in!”

Chances are that you’re not living your dream life right now as you are still aching from the blinding pain you experienced and rightfully so.

All you want is being able to wake up when you feel like it, being able to choose how you will spend your day, make a positive difference in other people’s lives without struggling. Where is the magic wand? You wish you could become a better version of yourself so that you can manifest everything easily and do a magnificent job as an Earth Angel. Am I right?

If you had a magic wand, what would you do first? And second? And after…

What would it mean to you, your business and your family if ...
any time you wished for something it simply appeared in front of you? 

Wouldn’t you feel like a super hero? That’s exactly what’s going to happen. No joke! 
If I can do it so can you.

Oh yes, not only is it possible it is where our society is heading. So what are you waiting for?
Fill in the details below and start listening… Bye for now.

Learn The Exclusive Secrets to instant Manifestation.
It's Time! No more pain & struggle!
Time to feel 100% of your possibilities & create your Heaven on Earth!
EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO to change your life.

Throughout the next five days, I’m going to share with you the art of Effortless Living.

I am going to share with you how to do less and leverage your time beautifully so that you can spend more time doing the things you are passionate about while at the same time lifting everyone around you and be the Hero you always wanted to be for your Family and Loved ones.

Your Emotional Well-Being and Happiness will also improve or re-enforce your vibrant health and will bring you more abundance than you ever dreamed of.

It's time. You've had more than your fair share of pain and struggle. 

No more trying. Start Living and Manifest this Paradise on Earth of yours!
  • Day 1 - You will learn to let go of fear and control once and for all. You will learn how to stop pushing and controlling by using will power.
  • Day 2 - You will learn to dream BIG and find out what was missing in your visualizations... You will learn how to use the Law of Attraction in every day life events.
  • Day 3 - You will learn techniques to regain control over your mind and how to stay focused. Even if your mind keeps running around like crazy, you will learn how to harness this energy and redirect it to where you want it to go in order to manifest your wishes.
  • Day 4 - You will learn how to leverage your time better so that you can have more time to do the things that you love. You will learn how to have more fun. You will learn how to be a better leader and have more fun in the process.
  • Day 5 - You will learn how to be the best warrior angel you can be. You will learn how to dance with contrast and stay in alignment in order to manifest all your wishes in a way that it will blow your mind...
Change Your Life... TODAY!
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